Sunday, January 23, 2011


One thing I have to say is that I have such wonderful friends in the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group and also in blog land, I have never met these beautiful ladies in person, I hope to some day. I know we would just have a wonderful time together. It was a rough week for me, my Aunt Harriett passed away last week, she was my last Aunt alive on my father's side. Then came these wonderful gifts from my friends. The order that I am showing is the order that I received them. This beautiful dress form is from Debi Huntsman, she is just the sweetest person and I just love her. I did not join this swap and had wished I had after I seen her beautiful dress forms, so look what came in the mail, I just love it Debi you are the nicest person. I will treasure your beautiful work. She has the most beautiful blog, just click on her name and you will see what I mean. Thank you so much Debi.

I received this beautiful Valentines card and 2011 Calender from my friend Wendy Robinson, she sent me a Calender last year and I just loved it, the size was perfect and so beautiful, I loved using it all year, so when I got another, I was just thrilled. Wendy's work is just beautiful. She does not have a blog but you have to look at her beautiful work in flickr

And lastly I received these beautiful French ledger sheets from Rhonda. She is just the most sweetest person, she was having surgery just over a week ago and she sent me these. Can you imagine. These are the most beautiful sheets I have seen. I don't want to use them, but she sells them in her wonderful Etsy shop, which is closed right now while she is recovering. I can't wait to create with these lovely sheets, thank you so much Rhonda.


LuLu Kellogg said...

Dearest Terri~

I am so sorry about your Aunt. I loved seeing your gifts....there are some truly wonderful women out in Blogland...some I have met and some that I haven't met yet but hope to. They all just warm my heart and inspire me each day and YOU are one of those women!


Awishdream said...

Terri ~ I just heard the news about your aunt yesterday! I'm so sorry to hear this and want you to know I'm thinking of you!
your blog is so pretty and your creations are over the top beautiful!

Take care dear friend!
Big Hugs...

Donna said...

Terri, I'm so sorry for your loss. The gifts you received are beautiful and so thoughtful. You're in my thoughts and prayers, take care.


Rella said...

These are lovely and thoughtful gifts to a very lovely and thoughtful gal......what you would never say here, but I am going that you...YOU, are one who sends unexpected and thoughtful gifts out all the time...ALL the time and we are also so blessed to have many like-minded souls within the group who are also thoughtful and so caring.

You and your family have had a difficult several months and I so hope that what is ahead now is joy filled. It's time.

xox Rella

debi said...

Terri, I'm so sorry to hear about your Aunt Harriett. It's just so hard to lose the ones we love.
I'm happy that gifts arrived to help brighten your week. You're such a sweet and giving friend, you deserve to be remembered.