Saturday, September 10, 2011

What I have been up to!

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share with you a couple of things that I have been working on. A week ago Wednesday, my husband and I left for Chicago to celebrate my in laws 60th Wedding Anniversary. We had a wonderful family gathering and I made them this memory box. They loved it, we had such a great time. On Friday we left to attend a Wedding in Cincinnati, OH. The Wedding was for Chelsea Homan & Eric Mirkin, oh what a beautiful wedding. Eric has been one of our son's best friends since they were five. We met our Son and Daughter in Law, Stephen and Nicole there. Stephen was in the wedding. I made them a Wedding Box too! It was a wonderful week. I just love Weddings! Thank you for visiting me today and I hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Terri:
I can see why your in-laws would love the memory box. It's beautiful! They sure made a handsome couple on their wedding day, too!

Weddings boxes are always a lovely gift for newlyweds. A thoughtful keepsake as they begin their lives together.

Thanks for the update!

Rhonda said...

Hi Terri! Your trip sounds wonderful. What a wonderful gift, shadow boxes, it is beautiful.
xo Rhonda

Terri said...

Terri, your wedding boxes are such gorgeous gifts! I am sure the couples who received them are thrilled with your very thoughtful and personal gift.

Betsy said...

Terri, the anniversary box is gorgeous! Is that embossed paper on the letter M? So pretty.

Lisa West said...

Wow, beautiful!! Lisa

debi said...

Terri, I'm so happy that you had a wonderful trip. You've really been busy this summer.

Your wedding boxes are STUNNING! What a beautiful treasure to receive.

Laurie said...

What a wonderful couple of events -- one a new beginning, and another a celebration of a lifetime of love! I love each of your shadow boxes -- very, very special!

Awishdream said...

Hi Terri, Sounds like a wonderful trip! and oh! your shadow box is just gorgeous! great job and I bet they love and treasure it!
Melanie :)