Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday

Thank you for visiting me for another Tea Cup Tuesday, boy time seems to be flying by so fast, I am having trouble believing that it is October. The cup I am sharing today is number 5 of the 10 tea cups I purchased back in August. Normally I would never purchase this cup, but with the great deal that it is growing on my. It is a Paragon tea cup made in England and the name of it is Spring Melody. When I look at this cup I think more of fall, with the colors of it, but I love violets. Please click on the tea cup on my side bar to visit all the other beautiful tea cups. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Terri


Terri said...

It doesn't look like your usual pick Terri, but it is very lovely! The darker colored red (?) behind the pansies does give it more of a fall feel. The shape is fab, my favorite one. Paragon makes such lovely china!

Ruth...Time Was Antiques said...

Indeed different for you, but you can't lose with Paragon and...such a deal it was! I certainly wouldn't have designed with red as a background for violets! Who knew?

Mari said...

HI! what a beautiful tea cup!!


Creative Grammie said...

Hi Terri,
It is a lovely teacup. How lucky you are to enjoy your beautiful collection.

Princesa Nadie said...

Your tea cup is truly stunning

LDH said...

I think this is a gorgeous teacup and saucer! It reminds me of autumn too with the vibrant colors. And the shape is lovely!

Claudia said...

I just love the colors in that teacup! Pansies, or is it violets - whatever, the colors and delicate blossoms are beautiful.


Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Terri: This cup is stunning. Love the bright colors. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing it. Blessings, Martha