Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beautiful Gifts from Beautiful Friends

I received this beautiful pocket pillow from Debi from Life in my Studio, it is so beautiful! I love the beautiful lace and all the beautiful things inside the pocket. Thank you so much Debi, I will treasure your beautiful pillow.

I received this beautiful birthday card from Wendy, she does not have a blog, but she is on flickr:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/23335778@N04/. She also made me this beautiful Birthday ATC, she knows how much I love Charlotte dolls. Her work is always amazing! Thank you so much Wendy. I am going to frame her beautiful card, it is so beautiful, I love the beautiful color!

I received this beautiful card from Chrissy from Christine Fredendall

I received this beautiful tea cup and spoon from Melanie from Artful Interludes. She also sent me a beautiful heart box, filled with beautiful Blythe doll cloths for my new doll. She looks so cute. She also sent me a beautiful teapot charm that she made. She was so generous and I know my dolly loves all the new outfits! Thank you so much Melanie and Baylee! I will also think of you every time I drink tea from your beautiful cup.

I love my new dress so much.
I love my new pink outfit and new shoes and new teddy bear

I love this outfit this much!

Last Wednesday was my Birthday and I was feeling a little blue, not really wanting anymore Birthday's. These beautiful friends lifted my spirits so much, with these beautiful gifts, thank you so much, you really made my Birthday special. I posted these gifts in the order I received them. I feel so blessed to have such beautiful friends, thank you all so much! Hugs, Terri


sissie said...

Hi Terri,
Oh what lovelies. You are such a special friend to others and blessed to receive so many wonderful gifts.


Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Terri,
A very happy belated birthday.
Sorry to hear that you were feeling down.
I know they seem to come faster and faster, but we have to learn to celebrate ourselves, and our birthdays are as good as any other day.
So enJOY a beautiful birthday year,

Holly Loves Art said...

Happy belated birthday Sweetie! You received some very wonderful and special gifts from sweet souls! Lucky girl! I can relate to the birthday thing... mine is coming up in January and I'd be okay if I could skip it. I know I'm supposed to be like Oprah and embrace getting older but it's a tough challenge! Hope you're having a great week and enjoying Fall. I sure am.
Big hugs,

alveen said...

Hi Terri
Thank you for the lovely comment on my giveaway. I'm so pleased you stopped by.
Belated birthday wishes, may you have a wonderful -? year. I am sure that those beautiful heartfelt gifts from your sweet friends helped chase those blues away. Stay young at heart and the number wont matter.
Hugs Alveen

Bella said...

Hi Terri,
Happy Belated Birthday to you!!
Love all the beautiful cards, and that lacy pillow pocket is adorable!! What sweet friends you have :-)

Lululiz said...

Oh darn, I missed your birthday, happy VERY belated birthday, lol. I am glad that your friends lifted your spirit on the day with such beautiful gifts.

Awishdream said...

Hi Terri- Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Such beautiful gifts lucky girl! So glad you and dolly liked yours...Baylee was so happy to help out! ha!
Mel :)