Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Beautiful Mom 11-30-1934 to 3-12-2013

I have been trying to write this post for the last few weeks, but it has been too difficult.  My beautiful Mom passed away on March 12th. Her name was Shirley Bright, it was unexpected and very quick, so it has been very hard.  I thought I would share her life with you.  She was a wonderful Mother, and a wonderful Grandmother.  I will miss her every day for the rest of my life.
 She was the oldest child, when she was 4 years old, her father died, her sister was 2 and her Mom was pregnant for her third daughter, her father was only 28 years old when he died.

 This is her High School photo, I loved her hair, she was named after Shirley Temple. 
 She was such a beautiful Mom, her children and her grandchildren were everything to her.  She stayed home with us when I was young and I remember how much I loved to come home from school knowing she was waiting for us
 Our Wedding Day.
My Mom with Stephen my first son, she always wanted boys, she had two daughters, so she was thrilled to get three grandsons and two granddaughters.  She also was thrilled to get two great grandchildren born 11 days apart four years ago.

Four Generations, Stephen, me, my Mom and her Mom
My Mom and my Favorite Aunt, they are together again
My Mom with Matthew our second son.

 With My two boys
 My Mom's Birthday, how the kids loved that
My Mom and Dad about 15 years ago
My Mom and Dads 50th Anniversary Party, they were married 58 years.
At Stephen's Wedding in Seattle with my two sons


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Terri,
I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved Mother.. Yes, she was a beautiful woman, and from what I see hear a very loving Mother..
You have given her a beautiful tribute.. Bless you.. I know how very hard it is. May the Lord give you comfort.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Dear Terri,
There are people in this world that possess an inner light, a joy that shines through, it is obvious in your mother's smile that she was such a person. You were truly blessed to have her and I venture to guess that she would say that she was likewise blessed to have you.

Ineke van den Akker said...

So sorry for you.
with love,

Laurie said...

I'm so sorry Terri, I know what you are going through. When I lost my father, it took so long to be able to really put into words what I had lost. God Bless You in the coming months.

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, Terri
Your mother was beautiful! And you have such a sweet family. May your heart be comforted with all of the precious memories of your mother. I do have tears in my eyes for you at this time. I lost my dad in 1997 from cancer and when diagnosed he was gone in three weeks. I am so sorry about your mother's sudden passing. The comfort is knowing we shall see them again some day.
Blessings and prayers
Teresa in California

Jewels said...

All my sympathy goes to you and your family Terri.

JoAnne said...

Terri, this was such a lovely tribute to your beautiful mother. How wonderful to have those many happy memories of all the special times you shared.
I will continue to send healing thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
Much love,

Marilou Bain said...

Im so sorry to hear about your sweet Mom Terri, my thoughts are with you as I know how much you miss her.
hugs and love Marilou

Petite Michelle Louise said...

i am so very sorry to hear of your mother's passing. i know the pain of your loss well. my thoughts and prayers are with you as you mend your broken hearts and begin to truly "celebrate" her life.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I'm so sorry Terri to hear about the passing of your mother. She was a beautiful woman and your fond memories will be with your entire family forever.

Createology said...

My sincere condolences Terri. May your wonderful memories keep you filled with the love and the joy your mother lived her life sharing. Time will ease your pain of this loss. I still miss my Grandma however I have my wonderful memories of her to keep me joyful. Healing Hugs Dear...

Rhonda said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss, Terri. It is clearly evident how much she meant to you. The love is shining in this post. What beautiful memories you have.

I'm sending my blessings and prayers as you take this time to heal. xo Rhonda

The Junque Seeker said...

Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman who was loved and adored by her family. So very sorry for your loss.

Graceful Rose said...

Terri, so sorry for your loss. Your mother was a wonderful loving person and I know you will cherish her memory. May God comfort you in this sad time.

Graceful Rose said...

Terri, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. Your memories of your sweet mother will be with you forever. You have given us all a glimpse of what a wonderful person she was and she truly was beautiful. May God comfort you with His wonderful grace during this time.

Laurie said...

I'm so sorry, Terri; I lost my mother suddenly, too and I know what a shock it is and how that adds another dynamic to the grief. How luck you were to have such an example of love in your life. The love never dies. Hugs.

Rella said...

Dear friend, my heart is so heavy as I came upon this today. I know the sorrow you have and I wish I could take that away with words of comfort, but I know that is not possible. Nothing fixes that hole in your heart when your Mom leaves. Nothing. The only thing that helps is the love and support of family and friends. But grieving's path is long and multi-faceted. Be good and gentle with yourself. Rest in the memory of so many years of love from a wonderful Mother. I am sure you brought her so much happiness as her daughter and surely the kindness and generosity you show are a reflection of her wonderful nurturing of you and your siblings. I send love and keep you close in prayer.

Love ~ xo Rella

Erica said...

Terri, I am so sorry for your loss. I know you are grieving and will miss her always. You have so many wonderful, happy memories to keep her alive in your heart. Without pain and loss, we would be unable to experience joy. We must take one with the other, even though it is sometimes too hard to bear. Sending warm hugs and thoughtful prayers to you and your family.

debi said...

Oh Terri, your mom was such a beautiful woman! And with that sweet smile, she looks like she was a lot of fun to be with.
I hope you are finding comfort in all the wonderful memories you have of her. How very lucky you and your family are, to have had her in your lives.
My thoughts and prayers are with you sweet friend. Sending hugs and lots of love, Debi

Katsui Jewelry said...

I am so sorry to hear this. I lost my mom when I was younger and have always carried that sadness. You will always miss her but it does get a bit easier and a time does come in which you will also remember her with joy and love. She was such a beautiful woman and you can see that beauty was more than skin deep, I think you carry that lovely legacy from her.
Sending prayers and deep caring,

Dawn said...

I hope your happy memories help to get you through. We're going through the same grief together, as you know. Hopefully it's true that time heals
X Dawn

Rhondamum said...

I wish I had the words to help your heart feel better. Only time will help, but you will always have that spot in your heart that aches for her. After talking with you, I love that you are sharing her with me. I love her smile and know exactly what you are talking about now. A beautiful soul and I thank her for bringing me the gift of you Terri. God bless! Love you! Rhonda...

Awishdream said...

Terri, I l know the loss you are feeling. Take comfort in the wonderful memories you have of her. She will always be in your heart! Thank you for sharing her lovely story she truly looks like a shining star!

Love & Blessings,

FredaB said...


I was so sorry to read about the passing of your Mum. She looked like a very loving and nice person from your pics and stories of her.

I know that it is very hard no matter how old you are when you lose a parent. May time ease your grief and someday you will laugh with your family about funny times you shared
with her.


lynn said...

terri sending gentle thoughts on your loss... i too have lost both parents.. i am so glad you have these beautiful memories and i hope they bring a peace to your heart. thank you for sharing the photos with us.. i can see the love shining from each picture.. and also how she passed such beauty and caring to her daughter, as it shows in your artwork and your words..
big ladybug hugs and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers
lynn l

my cup of tea said...

Terri, so sorry about the loss of your mom. I will be praying for you.

Becs said...

Hi Terri, I was so glad you stopped by my blog. I am very sorry to read about your mom. I know how difficult it is. It will get easier but it does take time. What a great honor for you to remember her in this way.

Love all your goodies and your beautiful blog. Becs

Anonymous said...

Terri, I was so sorry to hear about your mom's passing. Although we haven't been in touch these past few months since I left the MAMA group, please know that I'm thinking of you in this difficult time and praying for you and your family. Shirley was indeed a beautiful lady; thank you for sharing these photos. Mercedes

Denise said...

Lovely tribute to your Mother.So sorry for your loss.I was browsing through your beautiful artwork,so inspiring and I know through experience, that eventually it will bring you back to yourself and a little normalcy to your life.Denise

Damarys said...

Terri: What a beautiful tribute you wrote about your mother...this is late, but I just now read your blog, but all the same I offer you my sincerest condolences. She left a wonderful legacy, and I hope this brings you some comfort, although I know you miss her every day. God bless you, and thank you for sharing your mother's story with us.

Donna said...

Terri, I'm so sorry for your loss. Mother's are so special, hang on to your special memories. I lost my mom 3 years ago, I still think about her every day.

Hugs to you.

Doni said...

Hello Terri,
It is so nice to meet you! I see that you are my newest follower and I'm delighted! I will be following you too.
This particular post is so precious...your sharing the beautiful life of your sweet mother. I too have lost my own mother, just three years ago, and I can tell you that you will always feel her with you. I still feel my mother in me. So many things remind me of her, make me want to call her, and make cry still, but having had her for the years I did are most precious to me. You had a lovely mother, and your children are blessed to have had her too. She looks like she was a delightful lady.
Take all the time you need to grieve, and don't be ashamed of your tears...ever. They are like a healing ointment I believe, and are a gift.
Looking forward to getting to know you!